We are pleased to offer BBL (Broad Band Light) Technology from Sciton for following treatments.

Skin Tightening

Skin Tyte

No more sagging skin. Zero Surgery ! Zero Downtime!
Restore youthful look with  Skin Tyte II.

What is SkinTyte?

SkinTyte II is the newest technology to tighten and firm skin with zero surgery and zero downtime. 

Treatable Conditions:

Sagging Skin Face Jowls, Smile Lines, Neck, Arms, Abdomen, Legs, Knee


        Before SkinTyte                                                     After Skin Tyte


*: Individual results may vary. The images of Before/After are presented as examples 

How does SkinTyte work?

SkinTyte promotes new collagen growth, causing skin tightening, and also diminishes fine lines.

The Sciton SkinTyte System delivers infrared light, deep into the dermis, which tightens and restructures the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin leading to an increased firmness in the skin. The heat delivered by the special light causes the collagen and elastic fibers to shrink and tighten. The deeper tissues are stimulated which leads to remodeling of the collagen within the dermis. This remodeled collagen helps to fill in wrinkles and restore elasticity to sagging skin. The SkinTyte System is the most advanced tissue tightening device available on the market today.

What should I expect during my treatment?

The SkinTyte laser delivers heat to the dermal collagen and initiates the body's natural process, which creates a renewed collagen foundation leading to increased skin firmness. SkinTyte selectively targets and treats dermal collagen resulting in contraction of collagen and tightening of the skin. There may be an immediate tightening noted and also a delayed tightening that occurs over a few months. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results. Some leading dermatologists have noticed these new devices to be more consistent in their tightening than either Thermage or the older tightening systems.

Patients experience mild redness in the treated area immediately after treatment and this will last only a short time. Since the SkinTyte procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime, so you can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment. SkinTyte is safe for all skin types and can be performed on any area of the body including: face, neck, hands, abdomen and arms.

Are SkinTyte Treatments Safe?

The Sciton Skintyte System technology is FDA approved and documented to be much safer and more comfortable than the bulk heating approach of any other system because it is highly selective and more advanced in targeting your collagen and elastic fibers in your loose skin. SkinTyte treatments are safe for most skin types.

Who is a candidate for SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is appropriate for both males and females of most skin types. 

It shouldn't be done on:

  •  pregnant women 
  •  individuals with extremely dark skin
  •  people with autoimmune diseases and those with connective tissue disorders should not consider SkinTyte. 
  •  people with active acne, herpes, or rosacea should wait until the blisters have cleared before scheduling this treatment.

How soon are the results seen?

Normally, three to five SkinTyte treatments are necessary to get the best results. Then, some patients choose to return twice yearly for maintenance.

What is the recovery like?

Although some redness will remain for a few hours after treatment, most patients can resume their normal schedules, depending on the amount of work that has been done. Most need no pain medication at all, but the few who do use over-the-counter tablets. A very few patients also experience a few blisters or slight swelling, but this disappears quickly. It is important to protect against sun exposure to prevent future damage and the need for further treatment.

Why should you choose to have your SkinTyte treatments at  Orchid ?

At Orchid, we want you to have an excellent outcome and to feel that your needs and concerns have been promptly addressed in a caring and medically responsible fashion. 

We offer FDA approved treatments using proven technology used by leading dermatologists.  And, your treatments are in a medical office setting under physician supervision.