Severe Underarm Sweating is a Medical Condition that is Treatable 
Gain confidence with Botox for Severe Underarm Sweating Treatment!

Genuine Made in USA Botox  Treatment by Medical Doctor Pricing by Units Used @ $10/unitQuick Treatment : 30-45 minsNow you can get help if: (a) you are living with severe axillary hyperhidrosis that is(b) inadequately managed with topical agents.PROVEN EFFICACY55% of BOTOX® patients achieved primary statistical study endpoint (P <.001 vs 6% placebo)1LASTING DURATION201-day median duration of response1COMPELLING RESULTS81% of BOTOX® patients achieved at least a 50% reduction in axillary sweating measured gravimetrically at 4 weeks post-injection (P<.001 vs 41% placebo) (95% CI)2 (clinical significance unknown)


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