Botox Cosmetic – Wrinkle Removal

Botox Cosmetic injections are among the most popular anti-aging treatments to say good-bye to facial wrinkles. Orchid Cosmetic Medical Center is conveniently located to serve San Jose and Los Gatos residents with popular Botox treatments by our medically qualified health care professionals with years of experience in Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology.  Our patients can chose this simple, safe and effective Botox procedure to achieve real, noticeable results that require no surgery or downtime. 

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What is Botox ?

Botox is a purified version of Botulinum Toxin A, approved to temporarily relax frown lines in the middle of the forehead, just above the nose.  Botox works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity that causes moderate to serve lines  between the eyebrows.

Am I a Candidate for Botox?

Botox is not a wrinkle removal cream or a new way to buff wrinkles away. Fortunately the effects of Botox Cosmetic last for three to six months.  Botox is FDA approved for patients between age 18 to 65 to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines.  Frown lines are associated with appearance of being angry or tired - even though you may not really be tired. By relaxing the muscles underneath Botox helps to improve the appearance.

Botox is not recommended for women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding as well as individuals with neurological disorders. Other uses of Botox in cosmetic dermatology include restoring youthful appearance by easing the horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet.  However, such use of Botox is considered off-label use.

How is Botox Administred?

During your consultation, Dr. Swati Mungekar, Board Certified Physician, will review your health history and examine you to ensure medical safety and identify specific locations for best possible aesthetic outcome. The procedure is done with very fine needle to insure minimal discomfort. We have developed special technique due to which many of our patients do not feel any pain when very small amount of Botox is gently injected in the muscle. This simple and safe procedure is usually completed in within 10-15 minutes, depending on how many sites are being treated. 

Side effects are uncommon and such risks are carefully considered and explained to you during health history exam.

How soon can I expect to see the Results?

You can resume your daily activities immediately following Botox procedure in most cases.  As a result our patients from Los Gatos and San Jose Bay Area can achieve remarkable results with no down-time and no recovery time.

Within five to seven days  you will see marked improvement in moderate-to-severe frown lines between your brows. We generally invite you for a follow-up after two weeks, by which time nearly full effect of procedure is expected and touch up treatments are administered if necessary at that time. This is important because the results vary from person to person.

Why shoud I  select Orchid for your Botox Treatment?

At Orchid, we want you to have an excellent outcome and to feel that your needs and concerns have been promptly addressed in a caring and medically responsible fashion. 
We offer:
  • Made in USA Botox from Allergan  
  • Promotional pricing and further savings from Brilliant Distinctions Points
  • Treatment by MD in a medical office